Libertywatch July 2015

A round-up of civil liberty news from New Zealand.



Return prisoners' right to vote

The recent decision in Taylor v Attorney-General is intriguing in several respects. This decision is the first occasion that a High Court Judge has gone so far as to issue a formal declaration that a law breaches the BORA. The legal and constitutional aspects have already been addressed by other commentators, this is essentially a civil liberties perspective.



NZCCL Christchurch Meeting

Our last meeting was so successful we decided to have another one. Come hear Dr Chris Gallavin, Dean of Law at the University of Canterbury, champion of Phillipstown School, and lawyer about town.

Talk will be followed by round table discussion on civil liberties in Christchurch. The meeting may then adjourn to the pub downstairs.

When: Tuesday, 1st September, 7pm

Location: Catalyst IT offices, upstairs above Pomeroys on Kilmore St


The Treaty of Waitangi - the Maori Magna Carta. Public address by David Williams

The NZ Council for Civil Liberties is pleased to announce:

    The Treaty of Waitangi - the Maori Magna Carta

    Public address by Dr David V Williams, Professor of Law, University of Auckland

    St Andrews on The Terrace, Wellington

    7:30pm Sunday 13th September


Secret trials by stealth

The New Zealand Law Society has pointed out that last-minute changes to the Health & Safety Reform Bill brings in secret court hearings.


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