NZCCL - Christchurch Kickoff Tues 28th July

NZCCL secretary Kevin McCormack will be here in Christchurch on July 28th.

Kevin will give a brief introduction to NZCCL, its mission, and current issues it's working on.

Then we'll have talk from Jarrod Gilbert (sociologist. expert on NZ gangs, author and commentator).

To finish, we'll discuss options for regular events and activities focussed on civil liberties in Christchurch. The meeting may then adjourn to the pub downstairs.


Get Smart - the Intelligence Review

The Intelligence Review is a review of New Zealand's intelligence services being conducted by Michael Cullen (ex-politician) and Patsy Reddy (lawyer and board member). 

Our view

We have serious concerns about government spying in New Zealand. We believe that government spying has the potential to seriously undermine democracy and civil society.

The extent of New Zealand's participation in the Five Eyes global spy network has shocked us, and the carefully phrased denials about mass spying on New Zealanders are not particularly comforting.

Public meetings

To help compensate for the lack of public consultation, the NZ Council for Civil Liberties is pleased to announce that we are hosting public meetings in Wellington (6pm July 29th) and Auckland (6pm August 6th).


FYI - the Official Information Act site

Passed in 1982, the Official Information Act marked an important change in the accountability and transparency of New Zealand's government. No more would government information default to being kept secret, now the expectation was that it would be released to anyone in the country who asked for it (there are grounds for refusing - see the act for details).


Libertywatch June 2015

Criminal Justice

Police & Corrections criticised over prison death

A Coroner has criticised police and the Department of Corrections for their roles in the death of remand prisoner Jai Davis at a South Otago jail.

The 30-year-old died in a prison cell in February 2011 from a suspected drug overdose after arriving at Otago Corrections Facility near Milton with drugs concealed internally.


Govt's lack of response to the Constitutional Advisory Panel Report

In November 2013 the Constitutional Advisory Panel delivered its report to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Māori Affairs.  The Ministers then submitted a final report to Cabinet.  The Report is therefore with the New Zealand Government and it is the practice that the Government provides a response to the report within 6 months; this ought to have occurred during 2014, even with the delay around the General Election.   


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