The Council is managed by an Executive Committee who are committed to championing civil liberties.

Current Committee Members

Thomas Beagle, Chairperson

Thomas has had a long involvement with computers and the IT industry. He is increasingly concerned by the way that civil liberties, particularly the right to privacy, are being eroded by advances in technology. However, he is no luddite and believes that modern technology can be used to increase democratic participation and hold government to account.

Andrew Ecclestone, Deputy Chairperson

Andrew has worked in the field of freedom of information and open government for 30 years, as a campaigner, a civil servant, an investigator for the Ombudsman’s office, and as a consultant.

Steven Ensslen, Secretary

Steven is a data architect and manging director of a DataOps consulting firm. His concerns are the environment, human rights, and better government. Steven believes that technologies and government are tools for improving our civilization, and that keeping those tools sharp is everyone’s duty.

 Oliver Lineham

Oliver is the administrator of, a site to assist public access to official information. His main interests are democracy, human rights, the environment and technology. By day he is a consultant working at the intersection of networking, security, and web technologies.

Kevin McCormack, Treasurer

Kevin has been involved with NZCCL for 20 years, and at various times he has been the President, Treasurer and Secretary/Treasurer. He is interested in the rational justification for change, and in ensuring that there is a fair balance between entitlements and responsibilities.

Kevin’s working life involved a significant period in the Public Service where he held various senior statutory and administrative positions, and in the NZ Dairy Board covering a variety of roles. He is now retired from paid employment and leads a very active and involved life.

Anna-Marie Thorby