Submission:Immigration (Mass Arrivals) Amendment Bill

Seeking refuge is a human right. This bill discriminates against asylum seekers who associate with one another. It is unconscionable to imprison people seeking refuge for nothing more than associating with other people with similar needs. The Council calls for the Committee to reject this bill. Keep reading “Submission:Immigration (Mass Arrivals) Amendment Bill”
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Comments on Aotearoa’s 4th Open Government Partnership National Action Plan

The draft of Aotearoa's 4th Open Government Partnership National Action Plan is another disappointing piece of work stuffed with pre-planned work, aside from one commitment on equitable access to public services. Read the Council's submission. Keep reading “Comments on Aotearoa’s 4th Open Government Partnership National Action Plan”

Submission: Independent Electoral Review

While great play is made of our Parliament being supreme in Aotearoa’s mostly un-entrenched constitutional arrangements, we believe it is weak, has too few members, is significantly under-resourced, does not function well, lacks independence, and is therefore dominated by the executive. We need to invest more in our Parliament to improve the quality and independence of its work, and thereby our democracy. Keep reading “Submission: Independent Electoral Review”

Submission: Review of Standing Orders 2023

Submitters have a common objective with Members – that the outcome of the scrutiny process should be thehighest quality legislation possible, even if this may sometimes mean  recommending that the bill be withdrawn for redrafting or consultation. Our  submission makes recommendations to improve the quality of select  committee and parliamentary processes so as to try and avoid that second situation. Keep reading “Submission: Review of Standing Orders 2023”
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Briefing on the Data and Statistics Bill

The New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties is opposed to the Data and Statistics Bill and wants it withdrawn. Once in a generation law reform, on a topic that needs all-party support to have credibility, should be developed collaboratively to ensure public confidence. Read our briefing to MPs ahead of the final stages of the Bill's passage through Parliament. Keep reading “Briefing on the Data and Statistics Bill”

Supplementary Submission: Data and Statistics Bill

Our oral submission asked some important questions including "Where is the Privacy Impact Assessment?" and "Why is Statistics talking about the NZ govt 'warming up the public gradually' to further data sharing?" . The Committee asked us to put these points in a supplementary written submission. Keep reading “Supplementary Submission: Data and Statistics Bill”

Submission: Oversight of Oranga Tamariki System and Children and Young People’s Commission Bill

The Council calls for the Oversight of Oranga Tamariki System and Children and Young People's Commission Bill to be withdrawn. The Council doubts the effectiveness of the bill's core measures and opposes restrictions on freedom of information, freedom of expression, and our right to justice. Keep reading “Submission: Oversight of Oranga Tamariki System and Children and Young People’s Commission Bill”

Submission: Data & Statistics Bill

The Council opposes the Data and Statistics Bill, which gives more power to the state, and takes it from the public. The bill increases government collection, use and sharing amongst itself of information about us, while weakening our rights both to privacy and to access information held by government agencies. Keep reading “Submission: Data & Statistics Bill”