New edition of classic NZ Civil Rights Handbook released

The latest edition of Tim McBride's classic New Zealand Civil Rights Handbook has just been released.

One of the cornerstones of a civilized democracy is the protection of an indiividual’s civil rights, those freedoms enshrined in law that shield citizens from unwarranted government action, discrimination or repression. New Zealand law, as well as the Bill of Rights, includes a wealth of protection for the individual throughout all areas of people’s lives. But this protection can be meaningless unless known about, and this is one of the fundamental purposes of the New Zealand Civil Rights Handbook. 

This book is the only accessible but authoritative guide to civil rights in New Zealand, and as such is an indespensible publication for any citizen who needs information in this wideranging area.

You can get it at Unity Books for $50 or online at Mighty Ape for $40.

Review to follow.