Resources: NZ Intelligence & Security Bill

The Government has just announced the introduction of the NZ Intelligence & Security Bill 2016. This is a complete replacement of four existing laws based on the recommendations of the Intelligence Review.

This article is a collection of links to the current and proposed law, the reports, and articles and commentaries about the changes.

The government summarises the new Bill as:

The key aspects of the Bill are that it:

  1. Creates a single Act to cover the agencies and their oversight bodies, replacing the four separate acts that currently exist.
  2. Enables more effective cooperation between NZSIS and GCSB, enhancing their effectiveness while still ensuring there is appropriate transparency and accountability around their activities.
  3. Strengthens oversight of the activities of NZSIS and GCSB.
  4. Introduces a single warranting framework for intelligence collection activities and tightens up the authorisation framework for granting warrants.
  5. Brings NZSIS and GCSB further into the core public service increasing accountability and transparency.
  6. Clarifies arrangements for the use of cover and assumed identities and immunities.
  7. Sets out the role of the National Assessments Bureau in legislation for the first time.

Articles, commentary, and press releases 

(Most recent first - last updated 9th September 2016. Email submissions to or tweet to @civillibertynz)

Gehan Gunasekara: Spy bill lacking some robust privacy protection - NZ Herald

Audrey Young: Keeping the balance for security agencies - NZ Herald

Maori Party cautiously support intelligence and security bill - Maori Party

Intelligence and Security Bill good effort, but scrutiny needed - Human Rights Commission

Security or privacy - what matters most? - Radio NZ

Why do the Greens hate the squirrels so much? - Kiwipolitico

We don't need the GCSB - No Right Turn

NZ spy agencies bill flies over first hurdle in Parliament - NZ Herald

New legislation for spy agencies clears first hurdle in Parliament - Stuff

Initial reaction to the Security & Intelligence Bill - NZ Council for Civil Liberties

Green Party to oppose invasive new spy legislation - Green Party press release

'Curate's Egg' security legislation far from ideal - United Future NZ

InternetNZ will be a voice for the internet on new Intelligence Bill - InternetNZ

Gordon Campbell on the new legislation for the spy agencies - Gordon Campbell

The good and not so good of the new GCSB Bill - Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Against anti whistle blower laws - No Right Turn

Proposed GCSB Legislation ruggling party leader's feathers - Newstalk ZB

The Soap Box: Whether we like it or not, spies are an integral part of Govt - Newstalk ZB

New spy laws need to strike balance - Labour - Radio NZ

New law targets people who leak classified information - NZ Herald

Against domestic spying - No Right Turn

Post cabinet press conference - Intelligence & Security

New spy laws introduced to Parliament - Radio NZ

Proposed new spooks law hands GCSB power to spy on New Zealanders - Stuff

Better balance needed in Intelligence Bill - Labour Party press release

Intelligence and Security legislation introduced - Government press release.


First reading (introduction to Parliament) - Thursday 18th August 2016

Select committee submissions due - Friday, 7th October 2016

Select committee deadlines, second and third readings all unknown at this time.

Source documents

Text of the NZ Intelligence and Security Bill

The four laws the Bill is replacing:

NZ I&S Bill - Regulatory Impact Statement (pdf)

NZ I&S Bill - Disclosure Statement 

Intelligence Review - Intelligence and Security in a Free Society (pdf)


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