Falun Dafa and Wellington City Council

This article outlines instances of systemic discrimination against the Falun Dafa Association by the Wellington City Council over the last two years. This discrimination, involving refusal for the organisation to participate in various parades and other public events, appears to be motivated by the desire to maintain good relations with China, but is in effect condoning and supporting China’s repression of the organisation within China.

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Falun Dafa (Gong)

The attitude of the Wellington City Council comes as no surprise. It is fairly typical of the kind of gutless kow-towing
officials in New Zealand from the very top down make towards communist China, as they seek to placate the
Asian giant in their quest to make a dollar or two.

It is very disappointing for anyone interested in human and civil rights to witness this kind of pandering.
But when they have the example set by Parliament in their relations with China over such issues as the Dalai
Lama, it is no wonder we witness this kind of disgraceful behaviour by local government representatives.

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