Issue tracking

This is a list of issues we are currently working on. Please contact the person listed if you are interested in working on it with us.

IssueWhyOur involvementNext date
Review of Search and Surveillance Act 2012The law that covers S&S for the Police and a wide range of other agencies. A chance to fix some of the mistakes of the past and prepare for the future.

Read our initial submission.

Have made submissions to scoping exercise. Waiting for full review to start and plan to be involved.

Contact Thomas
Waiting for MoJ
Review of Content RegulationA very wide ranging review that is looking at the regulation of all forms of media and communications in NZ.

Read our blog post.
Engaged in initial consultations. Waiting for next documents to be released.

Contact Thomas
Waiting for DIA.
Data and Statistics BillThe government’s attempt to allow it to collect ever more data about people while reducing oversight and accountability.

Read What’s wrong with the Data and Statistics Bill?
Actively campaigning against the Bill in its current form.

Contact Andrew
Third reading in Parliament expected in August.
Police oversight and IPCAWith toothless IPCA recommendations being ignored, we see a need for general reform of police oversight. Initial stages.

Contact Steven
Review of Standing OrdersThe operation of Select Committees is vital to NZ’s democracy and public participation in government, but we have concerns about how submissions are processed and analysed.Initial stages.

Contact Kevin
Due 16/9/2022
Open Government PartnershipAotearoa NZ has been a member of an international organisation called the Open Government Partnership since 2013. The OGP is based on the idea that an open government is more accessible, more responsive, and more accountable to citizens. From our’s perspective, open government is a key component in protecting and enhancing our rights and civil liberties.

Read our most recent update.
Heavily involved alongside other civil society groups in providing input to the latest action plan.

Contact Andrew
Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products BillWe support the right of people to smoke if they wish to, something this Bill aims to stop. Also concerned about the conflation of regulations for harmful tobacco and relatively harmless vaping.Intending to make a submission to the Select Committee, currently in discussion.

Contact Thomas
Due 24/08/2022
Biometrics and facial recognitionWe are concerned at the spread of the use of biometrics by both government and companies to track people, especially when some of these can be captured and used without the subject ever knowing.Initial stages.

Contact Thomas
Review of the Intelligence and Security Act 2017“Independent reviewers are reviewing the Intelligence and Security Act 2017 (the Act).  The Prime Minister has appointed Sir Terence Arnold KNZM and Matanuku Mahuika to undertake the review. She has also appointed Dr Penelope Ridings as special advisor to support the review. They are keen to hear any views you may have about the Act.”Initial stages.

Contact Thomas
Due 30/9/2022