Christchurch City Council bans cruising: Breaches freedom of movement?

Christchurch City Council bans cruising:

Drive down a street more than once within 60 minutes with your friends from a car club which accidently causes traffic jams and that would be "Cruising" which would be illegal.

Here is another news article about it:

Here is the actual law that allows the Christchurch City Council to do this:

People have the right to freedom of movement as stated in I think the bill of rights, so by banning 'cruising' you are restricting freedom of movement on a public street. If people want to drive around with their friends in a convoy and obey all the road rules, they should be able to do this, even though a large convoy could accidently cause traffic jams. There are already other existing laws to stop people deliberately impeding the flow of traffic so there is no need for a 'cruising' bylaw which restricts freedom of movement.

What can we do to try and remove this cruising ban?, Well the Minister does have the power to remove that part of the law as stated here:

So everyone, would you please write to Transport Minister Steven Joyce and tell him to remove the 'cruising' part of the law:

Anyone got any other ideas on how to get the law removed? Would someone get a judicial review of the 'cruising' part of the law done? Human rights commission?

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How to change it?

Doesn't a judicial review merely establish whether something is lawful? Sadly it looks as though the law is there to be used so I suspect that won't work.

There's no point waiting for them to punish a "decent citizen" and making a fuss because I imagine the Police will only enforce it on the young and ignorant.

The current government likes to be seen as "tough on crime" and have sold Collins as the "crusher" so I suspect there's not a lot of sympathy there for changing the law.

I don't want to be a defeatist but I'm not sure I can think of a good approach to take. 

Elect a different government that has a keen interest in protecting civil liberties?

bob parker is a a$$hole

the cruising law states:

"22AB Road controlling authorities may make certain bylaws
“(1) A road controlling authority may make any bylaw that it thinks fit for 1 or more of the following purposes:
“(a) controlling, restricting, or prohibiting cruising, including (but not limited to)—
“(i) specifying the section of road or roads on which cruising is controlled, restricted, or prohibited:
“(ii) prescribing the period of time that must elapse between each time a driver drives on a specified section of road for the driver to avoid being regarded as cruising:
“(b) prescribing fines, not exceeding $500, for the breach of any bylaw made under this section."

not exceeding $500? so how come the papers are saying "up to $1000" ??
another case of "at the officers discretion"


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